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Installations/ Performances

Title : State of Affairs (the Performance) - Karnaby RSLVD#001

The "State of Affairs" EP is distinguished into two parts, which are simultaneously involving and interact with each other in real-time. The first focuses on the video and the second on the sound. With this separation they try to highlight two different options in a similar situation. The video is also divided to two more parts which are distinguished by the origin of their material. This EP indicates the beginning of a series of releases under the umbrella of the "Hundred Billion Neurons" project which is based on a research and on the experiments that the artists and his team are conducting in the BWE territory.


Title : Interactive installation : An Ethereal Modulator.

An Ethereal Modulator. Interactive Installation on the Sonic Environment. The following installation is an attempt to track environmental statistics, (exposure, temperature, humidity, etc.) into sound in real time, with the use of modern technology. In contemporary science, it is common knowledge that sound has an impact on all things, regardless of its discretion to the human eye. In the form of vibrations and for limited time, the sound stays inside an object, before it goes away. Moreover, the effect that sonic vibrations have on the human body could not be neglected. The whole mechanism of our organism, our muscles, blood circulation, nerves, they all move, flow and ebb with and due to the power of vibration. And since consonance is the shadow of all sounds, that means the entire human body is a living consonance of sound. In detail, it is even the very atoms of our human nature that the sound is capable of reaching, due to this phenomenon. Sound can also affect the glands, the heartbeat, and even the rhythm of the breath. Throughout this installation, the sonic environment speaks for itself, as the sound flows in relation with time. A digital modular synthesizer, designed for the sole purposes of this work, is placed here to tickle the minds of the curious and dare them to observe, to experiment and to explore.

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