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Our Work

Kaptaine d * He is a contemporary artist, focusing on the connection between technology and arts through sound. Drawing ideas from interactive installations and sound formats, he produce his own style, dedicating more in techno vibes, inspired of the freedom and the intellect of the futuristic and the artistic way of making music



Kaptaine d* - Polyphemous(original mix)
Dark Modular

Kaptaine d* in this EP attempts to describe mixed feelings of loneliness, serenity, and the distraction by someone who’s intention is to take advantage of your potential in various ways. Polyphemus despite his arrogant nature, was a peaceful giant living In a social distanced society. Odysseus tricked him and offers Polyphemus some strong and undiluted wine given to him earlier on his journey. Drunk and unwary, the giant asks Odysseus his name, promising him a guest-gift if he answers. Odysseus tells him "Οὖτις", which means "nobody", and Polyphemus promises to eat this "Nobody" last of all. With that, he falls into a drunken sleep. Odysseus had meanwhile hardened a wooden stake in the fire and drives it into Polyphemus' eye. When Polyphemus shouts for help from his fellow giants, saying that "Nobody" has hurt him, they think Polyphemus is being afflicted by divine power and recommend prayer as the answer, then they returned to their caves and left the Polyphemus to suffer in isolation. Mastering George Deligianis


Advanced (Black)

motivated chaos.jpg

This track is trying to describe the levels of lithe and serenity during quarantine times. The main theme was recorded in a live jam session with friends and later the track structured around it. This track is a reminder of the pressure in Greece and the struggle in the art world

The video was filmed in the studio were the theme of the track was recorded and the projection represents our fading memories.

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